About FEEL

FEEL Introduction

It is an educational foundation which focuses on teachers’ capacity enhancing, trainers’ skill development, parents’ training, students’ character building and children friendly curriculum setting while adhering to the ideology of Pakistan. Established a few years ago, FEEL aims at improving the decades old shackles of moth-eaten curriculum and old-fashioned pedagogical techniques while exploring the novel and innovative concepts of education. Administratively, FEEL is headed by a director Mr. Naveed Qamar who is further assisted by eight zonal directors, each in charge of a separate zone. Under the training wing of FEEL, thousands of parents, teachers, students and school heads have attended training workshops while hundreds of people are undergoing training at present. A comprehensive network of short courses and mid-term workshops on important subject matter such as objectives of education, educational psychology, pedagogical methodologies, character building and mentorship is being spread across the length and breadth of the country. FEEL has also introduced ‘Learning Mentoring Course’ (LMC), a four month training program for teachers, school heads and parents with the objective enhancing their mentoring capacity. The course encompasses various topics which present the solution of all the problems of children and mentors. Moreover, FEEL has a panel of renowned writers for preparing syllabus at national level in line with the concept of universal education. The syllabus books prepared under the banner of FEEL are highly appealing, student-oriented, constructive and student friendly. Last but not least, FEEL aims at the creation of an environment where fully equipped teachers may impart education to the children with zeal and zest, where students may learn according to their own innate tendencies, where the psychological aptitudes and inclination may be given preference and where the new generation may develop a critical, sensible and scientific response to the world around it instead of mindless blind adherence.

Training Workshops

For every job, for every work and for every art, we undergo a specific type of training in order to excel in the relevant field. It is lamenting saying that we forget to train and educate ourselves for the most important job that most of us is doing blindly and ignorantly. Ben Carson says: “There is no job more important than parenting.” Unfortunately, our fathers and mothers are untrained and uneducated showing least concern for the upbringing responsibilities to their children. If fathers and mothers have no education and training how can they do the most important job of parenting. Apart from parents, teachers also need training so that they may perform the role of mentors rather than factories of knowledge that impart information on demand. Directly or indirectly, every character around the child is a source of learning for it. Robert Fulghum says: “Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching to you.” Understanding the importance of training of all the characters around a child, FEEL has established a separate training wing that conducts training workshops across the country on various topics.(detail list of workshops topics is attached with this paper). Training workshops are of different time durations ranging from five hours to ninety hours. These training sessions are held in the length and breadth of the country and in all kinds of institutes. These training programs are attended by all irrespective of their educational, cultural and geographical back grounds. ‘HEADS TRAINING WORKSHOP’ is specifically designed for school principals, administrators, school owners and staff with managerial responsibilities. This program aims at equipping the heads with professional managerial skills. ‘TEACHERS TRAINING WORKSHOP’ is meant for male and female teachers of all academic levels ranging from tutors to college or university professors. This program focuses on shaping the pedagogical abilities in such a way that they become able to act as mentors rather than spiritless, mechanical teachers. ‘MOTHERS TRAINING WORKSHOP’ targets to train and educate females especially mothers who have first deep impact on child’s personality. Ralph Waldo Emerson says in this regard as: “Men are what their mothers made them.” ‘FATHERS TRAINING WORKSHOP’ aims at making fathers knowledgeable and dutiful to child nourishing responsibilities that Allah has assigned to them. Tony Gaskin refers to this fact as: “Having kids doesn’t make you a father. Raising them does.” Last but not least, ‘HUSBAND-WIFE RELATIONSHIP’ is a workshop designed for those couples who are ambitious for making their domestic environment exemplary.

School Development

Learning seats play a crucial role in the formation of the character of society. Healthy atmosphere available at a school enables the students become a constructive and helpful members of the society whereas sick atmosphere produces the reverse results. Schools should be such a place where learners should feel at home and actively take part in school activities. Unfortunately, we see a lot of schools in our society where strategies are not adopted according to the needs of young learners, where management faces lack of staff, where students drop-out rate increases day by day, where quality of education does not satisfy children as well as their parents, where exists understanding disharmony between staff-members and principal. Such schools cause an irreparable learning loss for students ultimately. In order to address the above stated school issues, FEEL has established a separate wing that has a team of expert examiners. This team visits schools and academic institutes and provides them valuable suggestions after taking a complete critical examination of the school. During its visit, the team of examiners observes critically each and every aspect of school, every matter, every staff member, every methodology or technique adopted and every managerial strategy. Moreover, team members also undergo a healthy and friendly conversation with students and staff members in order to understand more and more about the problematic areas of the school. During such examinations and observations, the team collects data concerning all issues, all merits and demerits of the school. At the completion of this process, the collected data is sincerely and secretly discussed with principal or owner of the school and useful tips, techniques and methodologies are suggested in order to improve the current deteriorating condition of the school.

Syllabus Development

No one can deny the importance of text books for making or breaking the future of a society. Text books act like a medium, a path or a road that leads you to destination. Just as a clean and well paved road offers no obstacles and journey becomes comfortable and sometimes enjoyable. In the same way, a good book based on self-learning and creativity is a guarantee of success for students. In the company of such valuable books, students enjoy learning, trace new paths and develop creative skills. In short, a book is device to ignite the imaginations to explore the hidden qualities. Alhamdulillah, publishing wing of FEEL is producing such innovative and creative text-books and various other interesting booklets. These activity-based, self-learning and student-oriented books have been prepared after long painstaking researches by teamwork of competent writers under the patron of renowned and veteran educationists. FEEL text-books line with the national curriculum policies, depict the ideology of Pakistan and follow the universal ethical rules.

Books Translation

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